Victoria Martin


Victoria has recently graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with two BFA degrees with concentrations of Graphic Design and Photography. 

She incorporates her love of fashion, design, and her home state of NY into her creative process- blending it between her artistic mediums.  

In her free time, Victoria loves to travel, shop, and venture into new opportunity. She is currently a Design Consultant in the Interior Design field and a Freelance Graphic Designer.


biz, "Better Angles", UNC Charlotte, 2018

Bodies, Home Sweet Home, "Discerning I", UNC Charlotte, 2017

"Shutter: Thresholds", UNC Charlotte, 2017

NO PARADISE FOR PRETEND, “Global Studies Exhibition", UNC Charlotte, 2016

"Photography Symposium Exhibition", North Carolina Museum of Art, 2012

Abandoned, "Teen Juried Exhibition", CAM Raleigh, 2012